6 Spa-Like Body Masks That’ll Transform Dull, Dry Skin

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay

Charcoal is one of our favorite skin-care ingredients lately—and judging on the number of charcoal-based skin products cropping up, we’re not alone. It’s known to draw out gunk and oil to deep-clean pores and brighten dullness, as is kaolin, the type of clay that serves as the base for this mask. The process of smearing your arms and legs with clay seems a bit odd and indulgent at first, but after rinsing it away, your skin will be so glow-y and smooth that you’ll find it hard to care.

Baby Foot

This is one of the most strangely satisfying masks you’ll ever use. The plastic socks come lined with a clear gel laced with fruit acids. You wear them for an hour, then rinse off. You won’t notice any immediate results (other than the fact that your toes might be kind of shrivel-y.) But after about a week, the thick, rough skin on your feet starts to shed—in large, freaky, satisfying sheets. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds. But it also leaves your heels as smooth as a…well, you know. No elbow grease, pumice, or cheese-grater-looking gadget required.

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